About Leicester Civic Society

Who are we?

Leicester Civic Society is an independent, voluntary organisation that seeks to improve Leicester’s built environment and celebrate its heritage.

Our aims are to work for the preservation of the best of the remaining features of the historic past of Leicester, while encouraging and influencing new developments to achieve the highest standards of sustainability and architectural design.

Why do we do it?

We care about the city we live in and believe that Leicester has unique features making it a special place. We want to ensure that the city retains those qualities, so it can continue to be a good place for people to live and work or visit.  The new can co-exist alongside the older fabric of the city, and we campaign for achieving the highest standards whether it is about regenerating and transforming older places or encouraging imaginative, modern architecture.

Leicester Civic Society Members

What can you do?

Support us! Membership is open to all. The society has existed for over 40 years and is an active and friendly organisation with over 300 members from all walks of life.

The society is run by a committee of volunteers, and members can become involved as much or as little as suits, but becoming a member means that you will be part of a group of people that is committed to positively influencing all that is good in the built environment of Leicester.