Planning & Conservation in Leicester

On this page you will find links to registers and an outline of the actions that Leicester Civic Society take in the areas of Planning and Conservation.

Leicester Civic Society committee members keep an eye on all the listed buildings in the city and those on the ‘local interest list’, as well as the 24 conservation areas within the city boundary. You can help us by keeping an eye open on what’s going on in your area of the city.

Elsewhere on this page are links to pages which show where there are heritage buildings across the city. If you spot an issue with a listed building, or one on the ‘local interest list’, you can let the society’s committee know via the ‘Contact Us’ form on this website, and we will see what action we can take.

Heritage Conservation in Leicester

These two photos show the good and bad sides of heritage conservation in Leicester. Both of these buildings – Friars Mill (on Bath Lane by the canal) and The Master Hosier’s House (situated just off Churchgate) – are Grade II listed.

The restoration of the late 18th century Friars Mill after years of neglect and the devastating fire in 2012 can rightly be seen as a success story, especially in an area of the city which has seen a number of its heritage buildings severely damaged in the last few years.

The Master Hosier’s House, which dates from the 1850s, has on the other hand been in decline for a number of years and at present the decline is continuing. The council carried out emergency works a number of years ago to make the structure weatherproof, but it is once more open to the elements.


Leicester Civic Society regularly monitors planning developments through the Leicester City Council online database of planning applications and related documents. You too can view the documents and submit any comments via the site.

Historic England

Historic England maintains the national list of buildings of architectural merit. This online database of listed buildings and structures allows you search for details of any entries on the list.


The Heritage Conservation page on the City Council website is a useful source of information for all those interested in conservation. These pages have information on a range of topics, including conservation areas, listed buildings, buildings on the local heritage asset register (the ‘local list’) and the council’s latest Heritage Action Plan.

Conservation Advisory Panel (CAP)

Established by the City Council, CAP is an independent body of volunteers from various backgrounds with expertise in heritage matters. The panel has representation from historians, heritage groups including Leicester Civic Society, architects and other interested parties.

The remit of CAP is to assess and advise on any planning applications that may adversely affect or harm the heritage in our city, whether Grade II listed buildings, those that may be on the local interest list under threat, or those within established conservation areas.