14.00 Saturday 24 June 2023

Leicester Secular Hall

All members are cordially invited to our Annual General Meeting


  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of the last meeting (25 June 2022)
  4. Chair’s report (Burt McNeil)
  5. Treasurer’s report (Herb Eppel)
  6. Membership report (Haward Soper)
  7. Election of Officers and other Committee Members (see below)
  8. AOB

The current officers of the association are:

Chair                                                  Burt McNeil

Vice-Chair                                          Stuart Simmons

Treasurer                                           Herb Eppel

Secretary                                            Martin Ward

Membership Secretary                      Haward Soper

Conservation Officer                         Stuart Simmons

Data Protection Officer                     vacancy

Publicity/Public Relations Officer      Richard Allsop

The other members of the Committee are:

Steve Bowyer

Jo Mungovin

Claire Wells

There are three vacancies for committee members.

All officers and committee members are trustees of the Society.

All the people named have indicated their willingness to be re-elected.

If you wish to stand for any of the above positions please email secretary@leicestercivicsociety.org.uk by 14.00 on Saturday 17 June 2023 with your name and contact details and those of a proposer and seconder, all three being current members of the Society.

Annual General Meeting