Leicester Civic Society has objected to planning application 20220709 for the demolition of the vast majority of the buildings on the former Corah Factory site on Burleys Way. You can read our objection on our website – Corah Campaign – The Civic Society Response – Leicester Civic Society. There are 20 objections in total so far which means that it will have to go to the planning committee, rather than being decided by a planning officer, but the Civic Society would like to see more objections made before the deadline on June 19th.

The planning application 20220709 can be viewed  here https://planning.leicester.gov.uk/Planning/Display/20220709 where there is also a Comments link . If you would like to support our campaign to preserve more of this once great Leicester institution please make an objection, using that link. It is quite easy to do!

Corah Campaign – Objections Close on the 19th June