On Saturday 24th June we held our AGM at the Secular Hall in Leicester city centre. It was relatively well attended consisting of nine Society members plus five committee members.

·       All current Committee members were re-elected. There were no new volunteers to join the Committee.

The current committee is made up thus: Chair, Burt McNeill. Deputy Chair, Stuart Simmonds. Secretary, Martin Ward. Treasurer, Herbert Eppel, and Membership Secretary, Haward Soper. Other committee members are Richard Allsop, Jo Mungovin, Claire Wells and Steve Bowyer.

·       The accounts were approved, noting that our financial position is healthy.

·       A major priority for the Society is to increase our membership – We would like that number to eventually reach 500. Simultaneously we want to broaden our movement and ideally would like to attract more younger people and people from ethnic minorities to join us. Encouraging more people to care about Leicester and the city’s future is so vitally important. We realise that for this challenge to be successful we need to be more relevant to more sections of our community. Our plans include reaching out to a variety of other local groups and laying on events with a more diverse audience in mind. We also intend to target more places with our leaflets and copies of the Citizen magazine.

·       Campaigning for a Better Leicester is not only our lead slogan but also our reason for being. There have been some important successes this year, campaigns where Leicester Civic Society has played a significant role. The rejection of the Waterloo House application in April and the withdrawal of the Queens Road application earlier this month, both involving multistorey apartment developments, prove that the power of coordinated campaigning can make a real difference.

The AGM minutes, along with the accounts, will be posted in the Members area of our website in due course.

Leicester Civic Society AGM 2023 – Report