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The Government has published the long-awaited and much talked about White Paper called “Planning for the Future”.  It contains proposals to reform the current planning rules for England, promising a “radical reform unlike anything we have seen since the Second World War”.

This White Paper sets out that the planning system needs to be better at unlocking growth and opportunity and encouraging beautiful new places. It states that planning should move towards a modernised, open data approach that makes planning more efficient, inclusive and consistent. It includes a great deal of proposed changes which, if implemented, will have a significant effect on the way new housing is delivered in this country. On example is the, much talked about, plans for zoning land. These are to be designated under 3 categories.

Government is seeking to consult with individuals and organisations on the proposals. In our opinion, the changes proposed will have a huge impact on the lives of everyone in the country both now and well into the future. We would therefore urge our members and others with an interest to read the White Paper and if you feel strongly, to respond to the consultation. You can find the paper here: and the opportunity to respond here:

Planning for the future – let your voice be heard: act before October 29 2020

2 thoughts on “Planning for the future – let your voice be heard: act before October 29 2020

  • 28/08/2020 at 2:21 pm

    We will need all available greenfield land in the future. The climate is changing and crop production will be a major concern, the production of home grown crops will also aid the reduction in greenhouse gasses.
    All future development should be concentrated on brownfield sites and include facilities for medical, school, shops and recreational purposes, thus reducing the pressure on existing facilities. In addition the effect on local roads should be taken into account.
    Authorities should make sure that no development adds extra strain on neighbouring authorities.
    No person, persons, or company should be allowed to make gains at another’s expense.
    There is ample scope for investment in new technologies and recycling to put this country in the forefront for the future, if the will is there.

    • 28/08/2020 at 3:02 pm

      Thanks for your helpful comments. Leicester Civic Society would urge you and anyone else with a view or interest to respond to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. Full details on how to do this are in the White Paper document.

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