Annual Christmas Walk: Faith and Belief – Worship in Leicester Then and Now

Yesterday Peter Jones and Leigh Picciano Moss got our walks programme underway. It has been a long time but the walk was well attended (over subscribed showing that we are missed?) and those who came enjoyed it hugely. Here is what one walker, Celia Murray, thought: –

It has become a winter tradition amongst my friends and family to join the December Civic Society walk. The theme this year was based around Leicester’s places of worship, past and present:, a promising subject.

We met up outside Saint Nicholas church. With many stops at sites along the way, including St Mary De Castro, the Jain centre, Belvoir Street Chapel and the former church of the annunciation,  we were told about Roman Leicester, about the rise of early Christianity in the town and about the foundation of religious building of other faiths and those of non conformist Christianity – in particular Unitarianism. The influence of all these places on the present day city was described to us.

 This was a wide sweeping and interesting talk where we were helped by our guides to really look at buildings that we had just walked past before.

It’s such a good way to find out about the place where you live. As usual we had wrapped up warmly and enjoyed our two hour stroll. We will be back next year.

More walks are planned and invitations for them will be on the website in the near future. Tickets for the next two, Alderman Newton’s Trail on March 19th and Arthur Wakerley and Spinney Hills on the 23rd April are already available and tickets are selling well even this early

Annual Christmas Walk: Faith and Belief – Worship in Leicester Then and Now