This is the magnificent Horseshoe Building. Superbly built and in robust condition, perfect for adaptation to modern apartment living. According to the developers that would be too expensive. Instead, they want to demolish virtually everything on the vast site and build numerous bland seven-story blocks and a huge 18-story tower, wiping from the landscape the legacy of Leicester’s most important knitwear company, Corah, which employed over 6,000 local people just 50 years ago.

It will take an enormous effort to halt these plans from being approved by the council. We at Leicester Civic Society will do all we can, but it will need a lot more. If you feel the same sense of disgust as us please click on this link <> Here you will find details of the plans and also a button (‘click to comment here’) that allows you to make your views known. We have to act quickly, the consultation end date is the 6th of December.

The Corah site is the most significant large-scale development opportunity that has emerged in Leicester for many years. It is not just the scale of the site (over seven and a half acres), but its proximity to Leicester city centre and the fact it is ‘Corah’s’, that giant of twentieth-century British knitwear manufacturing, that make it so special. The enormous Horseshoe building was superbly constructed and there is absolutely no need for it to be torn down as planned; this will be tantamount to inexcusable vandalism. Why on earth could they have not put forward proposals that retained this, producing a mixed development of housing that included and celebrated our proud industrial heritage, somewhere wonderful that would be cherished for decades to come? We, Leicester Civic Society, would have championed such a plan. Instead, we are being offered a cut-price soulless quick fix. Have we learned nothing from the awful redevelopments of recent years that have blighted so many communities around the country?

This site needs revitalising urgently. Of course, we recognise this, but what is on the table is sad and depressing, a pitiful example of what we should be getting. Please make your views known. Click the link!

CORAH – A resubmitted planning application will result in the total obliteration of the building in this photo and virtually everything else on the Corah site. Leicester’s industrial heritage gone forever.