Corah factory redevelopment – a call for action

Dear Members,

As many of you will know, a regeneration plan for the former Corah factory site has recently been published and a consultation is currently in progress. The story has been in the Mercury recently –

The developers have made presentations to the Conservation Advisory Panel in the last few months and were given feedback, including from the Civic Society representative.  The public consultation, which has quite a lot of information, can be found at:

Several members of the Civic Society committee have reviewed the information available on the website and a visit has been made to the exhibition the developers are holding over two days at St. Margaret’s Church.

The Civic Society would welcome the redevelopment of this site, but there are some serious issues with the proposed development that we think need to be addressed.

  • The main issue concerns the removal of the facades on St John Street and Burleys Way, which to many people will be the most important characteristic of the existing building. These will be completely removed
  • The plans include the construction of two blocks on the site, one on Burleys Way and the other at the rear of the site, neither of which will dominate the entire site. They also don’t seem to work stylistically with the rest of the proposed buildings.
  • The only part of the existing buildings which will be kept in the new development are the façade of the main textile building and two chimneys towards the rear of the site. This means that an important part of Leicester’s industrial heritage will almost entirely be lost.

We would like as many of you as possible to take a look at the proposals and provide feedback to the developers via the website above. The deadline for comments is the 31st of October, so you have time to do so.

Thank you in advance

The Committee